A pair of male and female Vruorns.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Rodentia
Family Calorus
Genus Vruorus
Species Hostilus
Other attributes
Home Planet Vruoros
Allies Kleekoonanonis (currently)
Enemies Gavalantari (†), Kleekoonanonis (formerly)
 The Vruorns are a species of intelligent rodents from the planet Vruoros. Despite their small size and lack of strength, the Vruorns are a vicious warrior species, motivated strongly by their religious values.



The Vruorns evolved from rat-like creatures that lived in Vruoros' colder regions some 12 million years ago. Over time, the Vruorns discovered how to make tools to defend themselves from their constant predators. With this knowledge, they were also able to begin a civilization.

Spacefaring HistoryEdit

The Vruorns first developed space travel sometime in the 4th century AD, and established the Vruorn Imperium. They were able to colonize several worlds left behind by the fallen Gavalantari, including the planet Yipxellus. Unfortunately, much of their society was ravaged by a plague of unknown origins, and didn't fully recover until the 21st century. Following the reconstruction of their society, the Vruorns began reclaiming their erstwhile territory, destroying those who'd colonized it in their 2000-year absence.

One of these worlds was Yipxellus, property of the Ardoxes, in 2014. When the colonists detected the Vruorns on approach, Jercy Packson and the crew of the USS Titan were notified. They lated decided to negotiate with the Vruorns, and in a rare act of mercy, the Vurorns agreed to ally themselves with the Kleekoonanonis and share Yipxellus after the crew did a mission.


Vruorns are rodents, characterized by a set of continually-developing teeth. In ancient times, Vruorns would grind their teeth against tree bark (or other hard materials) to stop overgrowth, but modern technology has made this unnecessary. Male Vruorns have brown skin with lighter spots, and females have lighter orangish skin.

Due to the intense heat of their homeworld, Vruorn have no fur, although most females have some hair on their heads. They also have a natural coolant system allowing them to survive in hot temperatures, although their preferred temperature is around 140 °F (60 °C).

Like rodents from Earth, Vruorn females can give birth to several young at once. Their lifespan is only 40 Earth years.




  • The Vruorns were created using an online alien species generator.
  • Eme12 once suggested the Vruorns could become STNL²'s main antagonists, but williezk turned this down due to their comedic appearance. Ironically, this is why eme12 wanted them to be antagonists in the first place.