The distinct genders of Tyleturantula.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Synapsida
Order Nemamtama
Family Momatamata
Genus Tyleturantula
Species Verdanth
Other attributes
Home Planet Paxus-G
Allies Williezk, Zoltan, Engi, Kleekoonanoni
Enemies Migharaturuses(†)

The Tyleturantula are a civilized race of spiderlike creatures. They are very focused on beauty. Even the males try to keep things beautiful.



Following the fall of the Paxoliniolionus Empire, Princess Plytha terraformed The Paxus to be the foundation of a new species. With the help of a Space Captain, Plytha made the choice to send the Tylet to the planet.

Cell StageEdit

Plytha filled a hollow meteor with Tylet cells, and sent it hurtling to Paxus-G. After several generations, the Tyletura became strong enough to make landfall.

Creature StageEdit

The Tyletura came to land, and took residence in a nest located in a radioactive ruins. They did mutate a bit, but there wasn't that much hindrance. They made many friends, and killed off many species.

They also found the Migarutis, who became their sworn enemies. They've been their sworn enemies since cell stage!

Tribal StageEdit

The Tyleturantula became a tribe, and had very distinct sexual dimorphism.

They eliminated the Chirpinotaur and Rocerippilus, and found several new and old allies from the Cell Stage.

Civilization StageEdit

The Tyleturanula finally become civilized.

Much because of willezk, the Migharaturuses were nuked.




  • Their race name is similar to "tarantula", referencing their spider-like appearance.