T'Rizka Now.
Vital statistics
Type T-1 Lava Planet
Level Tier V (Interstellar)
Location T'Las System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Inhabitants T'Ron, Rando'Moss'Iti (formerly)
 T'Rizka is the barely-habitable homeworld of the T'Rons, but was controlled by the Rando'Moss'Iti for a period of several months in 2014.


Early DaysEdit

For millions of years, T'Rizka was an unremarkable ball of rock. That all changed sometime in the 2010's, when a race of genetically-enhanced Toriins known as the T'Ron settled on the planet. They built an empire, and plotted revenge against the Toriins for rejecting them. Their first plan of attack was to disrupt negotiations between them and the Terrans. However, this plan was disrupted when Jercy Packson and his crew arrived to negotiate.


In May 2014, two fragments of Nhan's soul arrived on the planet, and conspired to deterraform it to create a new Paxo colony. Fortunately, Isharos Lunar was able to defeat them and foil their evil plans, and peace was restored.

Until, that is, the Rando'Moss'Iti showed up...


After five months of power, a T'Ron named Hulluc Ejam rebelled against the Rando'Moss'Iti overlords and re-established the T'Ron Empire. He assumed power and led the T'Rons on a mission of conquest, killing the Gavalantari in the process. He then launched an enormous vessel, the T'Ron Mammoth, from the planet, which was later destroyed by the aforementioned Jercy Packson and a mysterious shapeshifter assuming the form of a T'Ron.

Astronomical DataEdit

T'Rizka is about the same size as Earth (and has the same gravity), but is much younger than it; being only around 500 million years old as opposed to Earth's 4.6 billion. It also takes less than an Earth year to orbit its A-Class star.


T'Rizka, after being attacked by Nhan.

It has two moons, T'Rikin and Raza'T; the latter being formed due to a Xarvolgian terraforming device. T'Rikin has been terraformed by it, and currently sustains the galaxy's first Dweeble colony since their apparent demise. It is unknown how the Rando'Moss'Iti reacted to this colony, if at all, during their occupation of the T'Las system. It is unknown how the T'Rons have reacted to this colony, as well.



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