CRE Suckulant Male Citizen-117a0030 ful
A typical Suckulant
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Proboscids
Order Citrius
Family Siranidae
Genus Suckulant
Species Sinensis
Other attributes
Home Planet Siran Minor
Allies Siranian
Enemies Yellow Spice

The Suckulants are short orange humanoids from Siran Minor. They have a large proboscis mouth used to suck liquids, hence the name.


Appearance and PhysiologyEdit

Suckulants are short and orange. Coincidentally, their color and texture reflects the colors and pattern of Siran Major's cloud tops.

They are the only known species that is completely immune to the Siranian's songs, partly due to the fact they evolved with the Siranians and have adapted an immunity to the songs over the course of their evolution.


Suckulants have evolved along with the Siranians on Siran Minor.

They are the main mining force of the planet, and share the spice they mine with the Siranians to help their economy.


  • Their name is a pun on the word "succulent", or delicious.