Spore The Next Level²: Bloodshed is a Spore The Next Level² special made by fungus3. It depicts the fall of the Gavalantari in their perspective.


Part One: BetrayalEdit


Part One

It was another day on Sotis for Holly Short: watching over the Gavalantari, and barking orders. When a soldier alerts her that the T'Ron plan on attacking Sotis, Holly found out he was a disguise for an unusually curvy female T'Ron named Ikubuf. Ikubuf told Holly that everything was set for her destruction, them promptly left. Outside, she found T'Ron captain Nuaf Daneyef, with a gun aimed right at Holly's face. He fired, but the shot missed when a mysterious penguin-like creature knocked the aim away from Holly. The creature leaved as mysteriously as it appeared, and Holly summoned soldiers to take care of Nuaf. However, Nuaf planned on using an artificial Mega Stone to Mega Evolve and attack Holly, only to be overrun by the soldiers while Holly escaped. Holly barely escaped orbit when T'Ron Planet Killers detonated on Sotis.

Part Two: The Nightmare ContinuesEdit

STNL²-Bloodshed (1)

Part Two

Holly escaped the planet just in time to witness Sotis explode in a blaze of glory. She found Gorgax-2 as an ideal place to hide while she came up with a backup plan. She barely got within orbit when Nuaf ambushed her ship and fired a barrage of attacks on the unshielded GCS Vengeance. Just before her ship exploded and incinerated her, she quoted a famous Moby Dick line as her famous last words.

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Arc SignificanceEdit

  • Holly Short is killed, only to be reincarnated into a Prinny for no apparent reason.

Trivia Edit

  • Holly's last words were the same as Khan Noonien Singh's last words, both of which were from Moby Dick.