Sluther Loan
Vital statistics
Position Head of Section 13
Status Active
Physical attributes
Sluther Loan is a Kleekoonanoni male, and the current head of Section 13, a rogue organization that strives to eliminate galactic threats through any means necessary.


Early LifeEdit


Head of Section 13Edit

On [CLASSIFIED] [CLASSIFIED], 2013, Sluther Loan became the head of the rather new Section 13. One of his first tasks was to recruit a young Ardox male named Tnannet Divad , who quickly rose through the ranks and became their top agent. He then recruited Jercy Packson, captain of the USS Titan  to obtain a sample of the Eftievirus in the hopes of being able to cure it, which was later used in an assault against the Paxos on Pax-Ω; and later gave supplies to the Purge Device on Cradgerpy. In November, he planted Tnannet on the Titan as a "liasion officer".

In December of that year, he investiagted a mysterious spaceship crash on Asir, and discovered that it was made of a material that reflected almost any type of wavelength, save visible light. Fortunately, he and Lobert Ree were able to devise a countermeasure.

In January 2014, he secretly allied with Holly Short , leader of the Gavalantari, in order to further cripple the Paxos

Fall of the Paxus Edit

In March of 2014, Sluther joined several other generals on The Paxus to finally eliminate the Paxos. After staging a preemptive strike, he discovered new troops were being spawned at a rate faster than the allied soldiers could kill them off, but luckily could be stopped by destroying a reactor. His research ultimately helped turn the tide of the war.


After helping Isharos Lunar defeat Nhan in May, Sluther turned his attention to the Lasept, a galactic power obsessed with The Klaatu Diskos Trilogy, which paradoxically existed after they developed space travel. Once again, Jercy was recruited to investigate, and Sloan later authorized the destruction of the Lasept homeworld of Lalia.

Personal LifeEdit



  • STNL²: Fall of the Paxus seems to establish that Loan is known throught the galaxy, but only a few know about his true position.
  • He is named after Luther Sloan from Star Trek: DS9 , who uncoincidentally is the head of Section 31, Section 13's namesake.

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