Princess Plytha
CRE Princess Plytha-122554c4 ful
Plytha, Princess of the Universe
Vital statistics
Position Princess
Age 23 Terran years (apparent); estimated 18 trillion
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Princess Plytha is a female mysterious being that hangs with her friends, Curtin and Gelnarta Whisp. She resembles a feminine humanoid adult. In reality, she is the biological daughter of Spode and Steviziskinialosiaxesaria.


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Plytha is an alluring humanoid with two pairs of insect-like wings on her back. She has a round face with a beaked mouth. She does have two eyes, though her left eye is covered by her hair. She wears a crystal crown on her head that glows purple. Her physique is highly attractive, featuring flexible arms and a generously shapely breast. Her belly is marked with a blue ring.

Her attire has evolved throughout her involvement in the Revolution Universe. When she first appeared, she wore white revealing clothing. Later on, she changed to a blue skirt, and had a more revealing top. After several complaints from Williezk, Plytha then changed her top to a red bikini top with gold markings.


Plytha has a very serious personality, and can sometimes act like a know-it-all. She does not like to get involved in naughty activities, and has a benevolent attitude toward her close friends. She tries to keep her power to a mortal level, but she is immortal in reality. She does not like to reveal her true identity during her early appearances, and only tells her true heritage to friends who she really needs them to know.


Being the biological daughter of Spode gives her a large arsenal of active and passive abilities. As a normal creature, Plytha’s physical form can only perform a weak bite and a medium strike. She can fly short distances with her wings. As part Mysterious Alien, she can control space-time and create interdimensional vortexes. She avoids doing it however, because Natas will punish her if she abuses her powers. She is almost invincible physically and virtually, and can recover after a few hours of unconsciousness. She can’t summon her father at will when she needs him, but at one time, she did turn Sol inside-out and back to get his attention, though he then told his daughter that it reduced Sol’s remaining life time by 30%. It is unknown if she was punished by either Natas or Spode.


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