CRE Paxoliniolionus-11414197 ful
A Paxoliniolionus.
Kingdom Silimalian
Phylum Androchordata
Class Cryatallian
Order Minersaur
Family Paxidae
Genus Paxus
Species Cruelis
Other attributes
Home Planet Naramat
Allies Garadreads (former), T'Rons (former)

The Paxoliniolionus are the main antagonist species of World of Evolutioncraft and the first few parts of Spore The Next Level². They evolved on Naramat, and claimed several worlds as base, such as Pax-Ω and The Paxus. They used to be allies of the Garadreads and both were quite ruthless.

However, even their intelligence and ruthlessness proved no match for a massive onslaught in 2014, which ended in their defeat. Most of the survivors were made into dumb farm animals.



The Paxoliniolionus are gray in color, with a strong red shading on their backs, and a more subtle shade of red on their stomach area. They possess a powerful radial mouth with rows of teeth that can tear flesh. Their backs and tails are decorated with black crystals, making the ones on the back resemble wings.

They had strong hands that can bend metal beams, and powerful legs that allow them to sprint with great speed.

The tip of the tail was adorned with a mechanism capable of firing a highly corrosive acid. This is rarely used by a Paxoliniolionus that is using artificial ranged weapons such as a Missile Flinger or a Plasma Pulser.


After their defeat at The Paxus, the survivors were sent to the Kraygans to be extensively modified. They now look almost exactly the same, but the acid shooter was replaced by more crystals, and their intelligence was severely dimished.
Spore 2014-03-22 12-41-37

A "new" Paxoliniolionus.


The Paxoliniolionus used to be a powerful warlike society. There were no rebellions, as their very nature was established deep into their genetic source code. Although their brains were small, atom by atom, it was the most powerful brain in their native universe. Their brains were wired similar to a supercomputer, giving them lightspeed intellect and ruthless mercilessness. Leadership was usually an oligarchic autocracy, where all citizens were equal.

After they were overcome by the massive onslaught led by Jercy, they were reduced to harmless farm animals by the Kraygans. However, rumors spread that Nhan Soonien Kingh wasn't killed, and he he would return. These rumors were proven true later in the year, and later Nhan died at the hands of Retep Silednas.


  • The Paxoliniolionus had very high intelligence, but several Kraygan modifications made them dumber than a bag of bricks.
  • Not all Paxos became farm animals. Others were modified for other purposes, such as racing.
  • A Paxo cloned from pre-altered DNA named Brakon Caillers ironically served on the USS Titan.