Olara C'Swal
Olara C'Swal
Olara C'Swal, in all her beauty
Vital statistics
Position Captain
Age 26 Terran years
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 6'08
Weight 136 pounds

Olara C'Swal is a female Tyleturantula.


Early LifeEdit

Olara C'Swal was conceived by the chieftain of the Tyleturantula tribe and a random female villager. She wasn't born until the beginning of Civilization stage.


Much of Olara's childhood was a mystery, but she grew to be a beautiful young woman with sheer willpower and skill.


When the Tyleturantula nation was finally founded, she became their lead representative. She obtained a set of combat and social tools from an alien weapons cache her tribe discovered.

She convinced all her allies to let the Tyleturantula nuke the Migharaturuses. However, the Camiokiliak leader, Iguen Kitonalas, refused at first. Olara convinced him to change his mind, but how she did it is not up to discussion. Let's move on...

TS LahliaEdit

With the aid of the Engi and the Zoltan, the Tyleturantula were given a new ship to start their galactic empire, the TS Lahlia. It is based off the Engi ship design, and was built with two other Engi ships "doing business" to build that ship.

Olara was given three female crew members to join her quest:

  1. Kylexa Omashons(Choogagan Fahnalis)
  2. Valija Rominawan(Xavianicine)
  3. Itzaid Magpi(Drakonilus)



Olara has a spiderlike body, similar to others of her kind. She wears a simple skirt, and a metal breastplate which accentuates her generous bosom.

She has small tusks and a wheel-like horn on her head. Her hair is mixed with feathers. Most of her abdomen is exposed, but Tyleturantula anatomy is different from other humanoid species. At least her sensitive areas are covered.


Olara has a naturalistic attitude, and would plan on strategies as to how to avoid failure in several missions. Even though she has a feminine and seductive nature, she is more of a tomboy, similar to Kylexa.


Olara has a few natural abilities, such as literally using her head as a weapon by ramming the horns on her head to enemies in various head-butting techniques. She can bite repeatedly if no other weapons are available, and her abdomen can allow her to spray a foul oil at offenders.

Her weapons include a homing grenade launcher with an energy rifle augmentation, and wrist-gauntlets that can deliver a poisonous electrical shock.


  • She is the first individual female main protagonist.
    • Like Gelnarta, she was designed to have a tomboyish personality, while keeping her more seductive side to that personality.
  • Williezk named her after Clara Oswald from the long-lived British sci-fi drama Doctor Who.