A typical Nican civilian.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Primate
Family Homonidae
Genus Homo
Species nican sapiens
Other attributes
Home Planet Manex
Allies Kleekoonanonis, Bizorians, Entropy Pods
Enemies Robot Slaves (former)
The Nicans are an empire of blue humanoids. They were formerly a powerful, militaristic empire. Unfortunately, their robot slaves (given by the Kleekoonanonis) destroyed most of the buildings and killed most of the citizens on the Nican homeworld of Manex. They are currently trying to get their empire back on the right track.

History Edit


Ancient Humans were abducted by an unknown race of aliens. They were brought to Manex and left to be studied. The Terrans then survived and eventually crossbred with a native race now known as Homo nicans. This was the birth of the Nican race.

Appearance and Physiology Edit

Nicans are humanoid omnivores with skin that is a shade of blue. Their ears are similar to that of Vulcans from Star Trek. Their feet only have two big toes and their feet help them jump high into the air. Their hands have three fingers that are sticky, allowing them to hold items with ease despite having no thumbs. Nicans have a patch of white fur on their stomachs.

Nicans actually have only a single gender, but are able to produce a baby with some alien species no matter what gender the alien species is. They reproduce the same way Terrans do.

Culture Edit

It is currently unknown how the Nicans run their government, but it can be assumed that it is not a democracy because of their militaristic ways. They used to have a variety of slave workers to do jobs such as mining, but were given robots by the Kleekoonanonis towards the end of Spore the Next Level.

All Nicans appear to wear the same basic clothing; a gray shirt, black pants, and white shoes. Nicans of high position are normally seen wearing those clothes with more clothing over it, such as a hat or armor.

Poverty was not a common occurrence in the old days of the Nican empire. After their robot slaves rebelled though, almost every Nican is in poverty.

Many Nicans enjoy Terran movies that the latter consider awful, such as Plan 9 From Outer Space, Eegah, and Battlefield Earth. Exactly what led to this is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • It is currently unknown if the race that brought those ancient Terrans to Manex will ever be revealed.
  • It has been confirmed by eme12 that the Nicans became an empire long before the Terrans did. It is unknown if this happened from help from an alien race or not.
  • It is unknown whether or not the Nicans blamed the Kleekoonanonis for the robot rebellion. If they have, they probably haven't taken action because they're focused on setting their empire back up and running.