Kylexa Omashons
CRE Kylexa Omashons-1248dfdf ful
I'm on board if it means we fight some villains!
Vital statistics
Position TS Lahlia Crewmember
Age 28 Terran Years
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 7'03"
Weight 153 Pounds

Kylexa Omashons is a female Choogagan Fahnalis from Paxus-G. She is a very independent character, who can hold her own in a fight.




Kylexa Omashons is a Choogagan Fahnalis, where evolution has made her species humanoid with nubs on the back, a horned tail, multi-faceted eyes, and humanlike hands and feet. Her anatomy is more traditionally humanoid, so her skirt covers her nether region all around, rather than just the front. Her top is a textured bikini that covers most of her bosom, but keeps the cleavage mostly intact, and visible.

Despite her personality, she can use her feminine appearance to her advantage.


Kylexa can be described in one word as a tomboy. Her thoughts and actions are more masculine despite her gender. She can sometimes act very tough, even when acquaintances expect a feminine action from her.

Despite this, she wouldn't hesitate to show feminine moods and behaviors, even to the point of seducing.


Kylexa's beak is not evolved for biting, but it would mostly be used as a last resort. She can also daze opponents with a burst of speed, then stun them with her horned tail. She can strike with her hands, and fire a viscous acid from her tail.

Kylexa's weapons involve the use of dual pistols that have hidden blades that can inject venom into opponents. She can also use a special gear that creates a shockwave of liquid nitrogen that can quickly freeze a target. Her other weapon involves firing corrosive acid that causes pain and causes opponents to see hallucinations that frighten them.


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