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Jailix-ξ from orbit.
Vital statistics
Type T-1 Planet
Level Tier V [Interstellar]
Location Jailix System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Inhabitants Garadreads†, Viongoes
Jailix-ξ was a penal colony used by the Garadreads. After their downfall, the Viongoes acquired the planet and used it to store their mutants.



Jailix-ξ was originally an unremarkable planet, until the Garadreads colonized the planet in late 2011. They used it as a penal colony for the prisoners that had been captured either in space or on planets.

In 2012, after capturing an Oscarian girl named Eftie, the scientists on the planet used her to make the Eftievirus, a devastating bioweapon. After a year of work, it was finally ready to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting galaxy.

Isharos LunarEdit

In August 2013, Captain Isharos Lunar was captured on Yrtnes Renignee δ by the Garadreads and Paxos, and sent to the planet. There, he met Eftie, who would later be his wife. Together with a Conqrix soldier, the three were able to incite a revolt and escape in the chaos.

However, a bit later, Efite was captured again and taken back to the planet, but Doctor Whoosie, a mysterious person from an alternate timeline, was able to rescue her.


In November 2013, a Kleekoonanoni explorer, Jercy Packson, banished almost 90% of the Garadreads to an alternate dimension, leaving the planet up for grabs. The Viongoes, a race of mad scientists, annexed the planet, and began using it to house their mutants. They also phase-cloaked the planet to prevent their activities from being detected. Around this time, a young Nolaxite explorer named Gloira was captured, brought to the planet, and somewhat mutated.

Around five months later, Jercy was kidnapped while honeymooning with his wife on Epindol. He met Gloria, and the two plotted their escape. They decided to bring down the phase cloak with a particularly nasty computer virus that spammed the planet's network with "LAHLIA". The crew of the Titan was able to locate them and rescue them.

Astronomical DataEdit

Jailix-ξ is the seventh planet in the Jailix system. It has a green atmosphere that is suitable for carbon-based life, but there appear to be no native inhabitants.


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