Hybrids can be found commonly in the Revolution Universe. An example of a hybrid is a Zooloruk, a hybrid of a Zoolohonian and a Neoruk.

Many hybrids have very distinct parents and can be born naturally, while some hybrids can only be created through genetic splicing.

Known Hybrid SpeciesEdit

  • Zooloruk = Hybrid of a Zoolohonian and a Neoruk
  • Oscarilixionus = Hybrid of an Oscarian and an Ardoxilixionus
  • Kleekoozelle = Hybrid of a Kleekoonanoni and a Roizelle
  • Kleekoolantarus = Hybrid of a Gavalantarus and a Kleekoonanoni
  • Ardoxiliolionus = Hybrid of a Paxoliniolionus and an Ardoxilixionus
  • Mineruk = Hybrid of a Mineraloid and a Neoruk
  • Nicaneg = Hybrid of a Nican and a Nemletneg
  • Ardoxiloopidarilonius = Hybrid of a Pechoopidarilonius and an Ardoxilixionus
  • Terrardoxilixionus = Hybrid of a Human and an Ardoxilixionus
  • Sirananoni = Hybrid of a Siranian and a Kleekoonanoni
  • Nemletnanoni = Hybrid of a Nemletneg and a Kleekoonanoni




  • It has been pointed out by a couple users that most of our hybrids are entirely unrealistic. This is shown by the Kleekoozelle, a hybrid of a weird green monkey and a strange insect-like creature.
    • Most hybrids of carbon and silicon-based life are even more unrealistic.