The Darkashev Scale is a method to measure how advanced a species is, based on their technology level.

The Scale Edit

Tier I Edit

Tier I means "Emerging Intelligence". Tier I species are on the verge of achieving sapience, and can use simple tools found in nature. Examples include the Squinzes from Oxllzkilvviniwilosx and the Zoggertoanimbuses from Bay'Aran.

Tier II Edit

Tier II means "Tribal". Tier II species are completely sapient and have mastered fire, basic crafted tools, and congregate in small communities. Some examples include the Rucardas of Pax-Φ and the extinct Carubas from Epindol.

Tier III Edit

Tier III means "Civilized". Tier III species have created large cities across their planet and are divided into competing nation-states; and also are capable of sending objects into orbit around their planet. One notable example is Humanity prior to the 1970s.

Tier IV Edit

Tier IV means "Interplanetary". Tier IV species have usually unified their homeworld and have mastered technology to travel to other planets in their solar system in a relatively short amount of time. Examples include the Nidixi prior to 2013 and the Morfagoolons of Annonsomil.

Tier V Edit

Tier V means "Interstellar". Tier V species have advanced interstellar travel, capable of visiting other star systems in mere minutes. They also frequently interact with other Tier V species. There are several examples, most notably the Kleekoonanonis from Epindol and the Thistils from Vashtar.

Trivia Edit

  • The Darkashev Scale is based on the Kardashev Scaleof the real world, but uses technological advancement instead of energy usage.
  • Some series used their own stages that aren't apart of this scale, such as Spore Revolution. They simply are whatever tier they're closest to. So cave stage is Tier I and medieval stage is Tier II, for example.

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