Dalvix Lunar
CRE Dalvix Lunar-127c5324 ful
Isharos Lunar, Ardox Captain
Vital statistics
Position Captain of the Amethyst Aimer
Age 2 Terran years
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5'10"
Weight 125 pounds
 Dalvix Lunar is the current captain of the Amethyst Aimer , following the death of his father for his ruthless disregard to continuity.


Early LifeEdit

Dalvix was born to Isharos and Eftie Lunar on Cradgerpy during the construction of the Purge Device in December 2013. He was later taken to be cloned by his parents on the Conqrix homeworld to allow the Purge Device to function successfuly, but the Omega Six almost prevented this from happening. Following this, he stayed on Naramat with Eftie, before moving to Oscaris-4 with his maternal grandparents.


In October 2014, eme12 and williezk killed Isharos by leaving him on the T3 planet Vessis without life support gear, killing him in minutes. Following this, Dalvix was rapidly matured by his grandparents and appointed to captain of the Amethyst Aimer by fungus3 to keep World of Evolutioncraft going.

He first discovered a colony of Xarvolgian survivors, and helped them return to their ancestral homeworld of H'Trae; then thwarted a robot uprising on Manex with the Nicans. He also developed a relationship with fellow hybrid Horoka Rhicincy, but williezk filed charges against her existence, hoping to have her killed. Dalvix was later called to defend her, but to little avail.





  • Dalvix is the second protagonist of World of Evolutioncraft.
    • He is the only series protagonist to be directly related to another protagonist, and the first hybrid protagonist.

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