Cata (7)

A remade Cata.

  The Catas are a race of felines from the planet Catas.


The Catas were originally a peaceful civilization with interstellar travel. However, when the Garadreads built a Crasher Dish on their planet in 2012, they were unable to use their technology. As a result, they degraded to a tribal civilization, bent on killing every last Garadread.

In early 2013, Jercy Packson and the crew of the Titan came to help the Catas. With their help, as well as the Zakkadreaddahs, they were able to destroy the dish. Jercy later helped them repair all their technology.

Unfortunately, Jercy's visit infected the population with the FORM A GROUP curse. They threatened to go to war with the Kleekoonanonis unless it could be stopped. Fortunately, Jercy and his crew were able to do that with the Scroll of Bob.

Appearance and PhysiologyEdit

Catas are humanoid felines. They have two digits on their hands and feet, brown fur, a tail, and whiskers.


Catas have a peaceful culture, and a deep respect for nature. Because of this, they can be classified as Ecologists. However, after the Crasher Dish was built, they became hateful and vengeful, only motivated by seeing Garadread blood.

Ever since the dish was destroyed and their technology was repaired, they have become protectorates of the United Species of Epindol.


  • The Catas were the first new aliens created after STNL's brief hiatus in November 2012-February 2013.
  • Feline aliens are a common motif in science-fiction. Notable examples are the Catkind from Doctor Who and the Caitians from Star Trek.
  • Unlike normal cats, Catas don't seem to have different fur colors, just brown fur.


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