The BA Twinkie is Xhoth's ship. It is also known as The Crapship.

History Edit

It is not shown in the series, but after Badass: The Twinkie Search and before the second episode, Xhoth and his friends stole a really crappy ship. They did not know the ship's name, so Xhoth and Leod came up with the name BA Twinkie. Due to its immense crappiness, it is also sometimes called The Crapship.

Crew Manifest Edit

  • Xhoth Denes (commander, T'Ron, joined 2014)
  • Leod Gabsti (Ashokweer, joined 2014)
  • Spike † (Toriin, joined 2014, KIA 2014, shot by Gavalantarus soldier on Gorgax-4)
  • Harreux Quantons (Nican, joined 2014)
  • "General" Zeerois † (Kleekoonanoni, joined 2014, KIA 2014, shot by Tolhelon Yahar, the Jercoth leader, on Gorgax-4)
  • Sasauron Squinorms (Arcupi, joined 2014)
  • Tarah Greene † (Terran, joined 2014, KIA 2014, devoured by zombies on Gorgax-4)
  • Nira Kerys † (Nalstorr, joined 2014, KIA 2014, shot in the leg by Taymondo then devoured by zombies on Gorgax-4)
  • Civer Kamiopte (Ardox, joined 2014)
  • Mirdoter Belivets (Neoruk, joined 2014)
  • Oronto Belivets (Neoruk, joined 2014)
  • Nayden Abaroth † (Zoolohonian, joined 2014, KIA 2015, killed by Xhoth Denes in self defense during Dreaded Games)
  • Squinika Pette (Jercoth, joined 2014, left 2015)

Trivia Edit

  • Both Xhoth, Leod, and Zeerois used to be apart of the USS Titan.
  • Nira Kerys has been in STNL, but hasn't been on the crew of the USS Titan.
  • Zeerois has been a major character in 3 series, 2 of which were by eme12.
  • Nira and Nayden are the only members of the crew not made by eme12.
  • There was a poll about who the players thought would die first. There was 1 vote for Civer Kamiopte, 1 vote for Nira Kerys, and 2 votes for Leod Gabsti.
    • None of the voters were right however, as Spike was the first to die.
      • There is another poll about who the players think will die next. So far, there has been 1 vote for Mirdoter and Oronto Belivets.
        • Who will die next has not been revealed yet.
  • Zeerois was never planned at any point during the series to be apart of the crew, eme12 simply put him in there in the middle of making a part of Badass: The Twinkie Search because he thought more characters would be good PLUS he didn't want to introduce so many completely new characters at once.
  • Zeerois was created years before any of the other characters on the crew and his species was introduced in the Revolution Universe before any of the other species on the crew.
  • Nayden was made by buckly90 because of a deal he made with eme12. The deal was that eme12 would make a copy of the newest Stranded if he made a crewmember for BA.