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Species we all miss...

In this forum post, you can talk a bit about different empires in the Revolution Universe that we haven't seen in a while and wish to be in an arc in the near future.

Personally, I've been wanting the Viongoes to make another appearance in STNL 2 and possibly a brief one in BA. I've been wanting to show their reasoning for mutating the creatures (which I will explain to Williezk on Steam >:D).

Any aliens you guys miss?

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  • The Ardoxes. We really haven't seen much of them even in their own series, and I think they're one of fungus3's more interesting, non-sporny races.
  • The Neoruks: After that mission to Chaunry in the first STNL² arc, there hasn't been much about them.
  • The Siranians: With the exception of the now-maligned Vordav sisters, the Siranians have made precious few appearances. They're honestly one of my favorite "guest" species because they have interesting appearances and culture.
Any others?

(Lucasrebel here) we'll see 3 major individuals of these species Will mentioned in a not so late SporeRPG...

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