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Top 10 Strongest Characters

Who are the strongest characters? Here is the top 10 in my opinion:
10. Jercy Packson - Before the loss of his arm, I'd honestly say he was pretty weak. Williezk probably thinks I'm just saying that because I disliked his character, but almost all of his fights were won with help. The only fight where he's alone was really the Omega Apophis fight and he was killed during it! After the loss of his arm however, he turned into an awesome, Nemletneg-hating maniac. I like that. He still has a long way to go, but I can definitely see him getting higher up on this list.
9. Holly Jenkins - A former mercenary with a cyborg arm? Of course she'd be on this list!
8. Retep Silednas - I have missed a lot of the episodes he was in so I could be mistaken about how tough he really is, but he seemed to be really powerful. After all, he owned a giant organization and was able to keep leadership of it until the very end of it and still survived. Pretty epic if you ask me.
7. Xhoth Denes/Spike - I'd say Spike and Xhoth are about equally as tough (but said Spike would win against Xhoth in a fight because Xhoth wouldn't be willing to kill his childhood friend for his own survival). We have seen Xhoth get pretty lucky in a lot of his fights, but he wins a lot of them. Definitely one of the tougher characters.
6. Leod Gabsti - He's survived so much stuff. An attack of gigantic alien spiders with the loss of only his eye, being captured by Mailliw, hordes of zombies, the Dreaded Games. And guess what? He survived most of this on his own. That's pretty tough.
5. Omega Apophis - He's a cyborg robot who owned Jercy. He could probably still own Jercy after Jercy's new arm cannon even before he (he being the Omega Apophis) became a cyborg. Why? Because he's epic.
4. Belati Adjo - She's made of billions and billions of tiny little organisms. Killing her would take a while.
3. Mailliw the Bloody - He is pretty invincible, as we saw by his decapitation. I'd say it'd be easier to kill him compared to Khrelan, though.
2. Khrelan Galagat - She's almost invincible, too.
1. Natas and the other Mysterious Aliens - Natas is pretty much invincible. Mailliw could only beat the crap out of him because he didn't have all his powers. (fungus3 edit: The only thing stronger than the Mysterious Aliens is the Infection in Badass.)
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BA Discussion

Nirvana™: Who do you think will die next on BA?
Blue Sentinel Rundas: the twins
Nirvana™: Why?
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Idk
Nirvana™: It makes sense
Nirvana™: they did get shot in the leg
Nirvana™: I would assume you'd say Nayden
Blue Sentinel Rundas: He crossed my mind
Nirvana™: since he's alone in the woods
Nirvana™: and he'll die from his injuries if he doesn't get help
Nirvana™: plus he's a crazy old man
Nirvana™: he'd probably to try stab anyone who'd try to help him
Nirvana™: if he could even stab them
Nirvana™: What character do you find the most intriguing?
Nirvana™: Alive or dead
Blue Sentinel Rundas: uh
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Probably leod
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Because aparently
Blue Sentinel Rundas: He has some serious issues
Nirvana™: What do you think of the dream Leod had?
Blue Sentinel Rundas: I was dissapointed
Blue Sentinel Rundas: I expected everything to be made of twinkies
Nirvana™: I meant what did you think it meant
Nirvana™: -.-
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Uh
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Either
Blue Sentinel Rundas: He did some really bad things for twinkies
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Or he was captured long ago by some bad guy who gave him lots of twinkies
Nirvana™: Interesting
Blue Sentinel Rundas: What im trying to say is
Nirvana™: what character do you think needs development the most?
Nirvana™: Nevermind
Blue Sentinel Rundas: He's had a traumatic past
Nirvana™: okay
Nirvana™: now answer the question
Blue Sentinel Rundas: involving twinkies
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Uh
Blue Sentinel Rundas: like
Blue Sentinel Rundas: all of them
Nirvana™: But which one needs it the most?
Nirvana™: I'm working on developing them
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Ehhhh
Nirvana™: Okay, let me change the question
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Maybe the twins because they are with Xoth a lot
Blue Sentinel Rundas: And I dont know much about them because either they havent been developed
Blue Sentinel Rundas: or its just super forgetable
Nirvana™: I'm trying to think of a good way to phrase the question I'm trying to ask
Nirvana™: because the only way I can think of phrasing it sounds dumb
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Well
Nirvana™: I'll just say it the poorly phrased way
Blue Sentinel Rundas: k
Nirvana™: Which character would you care if they died?
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Hmmm
Nirvana™: Like if they all died
Nirvana™: which ones would you care about?
Nirvana™: I'm assuming Leod's going on the list
Nirvana™: and probably Xhoth
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Yeah
Blue Sentinel Rundas: for obvious reasons
Blue Sentinel Rundas: But
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Probably also the twins actually
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Just because
Blue Sentinel Rundas: They've been really helpful
Nirvana™: I do have some plans to develop them a bit soon
Blue Sentinel Rundas: I think they're the only guys who have pretty much been with xoth since he met them
Blue Sentinel Rundas: The entire time
Blue Sentinel Rundas: all the time
Nirvana™: Nayden's been there the whole time during the Dreaded Games until recently
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Yeah I guess
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Well
Nirvana™: If you were in charge of the series since the beginning
Nirvana™: who would you have had die?
Blue Sentinel Rundas: No one
Blue Sentinel Rundas: :P
Nirvana™: No one would've died by now?
Nirvana™: No one?
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Well
Blue Sentinel Rundas: No
Blue Sentinel Rundas: I don't really know
Nirvana™: Okay, new question
Nirvana™: out of the people who died
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Spike
Nirvana™: who do you think should still be alive?
Nirvana™: Okay, Spike
Nirvana™: anyone else?
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Ehhhhh
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Naw
Nirvana™: I kinda wish I didn't kill Nira
Nirvana™: Spike was NEVER planned to have a very big part in BA
Nirvana™: He was originally going to have a bigger part
Nirvana™: but I just love murdering people in my series
Nirvana™: Is that bad?
Nirvana™: Maybe
Nirvana™: but meh
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Eh
Nirvana™: Do you think any of the dead characters will return?
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Well
Blue Sentinel Rundas: uh
Blue Sentinel Rundas: They're kinda dead
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Sooooo
Nirvana™: Cyborgs dude
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Ehhhh
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Well
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Anyone at the Neoruk base
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Who died there
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Obviously isnt coming back
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Because nukes
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Or whatever we did
Nirvana™: We bombed the Neoruk base
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Yeah that
Nirvana™: some zombies are still around though
Nirvana™: There's no chance Nira could've came back anyway
Nirvana™: most of her was devoured
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Yeah
Nirvana™: and then she turned into a zombie
Nirvana™: No chance Tarah could come back either
Blue Sentinel Rundas: Hmmm
Blue Sentinel Rundas: What about Zeerois?
Nirvana™: I guess it might be possible he could come back
Just a general thread for BA discussion. Feel free to talk about the above conversation with Bushy98 I had.
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